Michael Olivier, PhD

Co-Director, Center of Excellence in Genomics Science, Dept of Physiology BBC

P: (414) 955-4968 | F: (414) 955-6568 | E: molivier[at]mcw.edu

MichaelOlivier, PhD
Group Members:
  • Regina Cole


Olivier Lab Phone: (414) 955-4458

Wisconsin Center of Excellence in Genomics Science

Listen to Dr. Olivier talk about his research on obesity on WUWM's Lake Effect program.

Our laboratory focuses on the study of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and how this genetic sequence variation affects gene function and ultimately human disease susceptibility. For our studies, we routinely investigate these SNPs to understand patterns of linkage disequilibrium and haplotypes across extended regions of the human genome, and then correlate SNPs and haplotypes with gene expression and protein levels, and analyze potential associations with complex human disorders. Our research efforts focus on multiple human disorders, and combine technology development, large-scale data generation and analysis, and functional studies. Below, we highlight some of the current research activities.

Oliver Lab